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Committed to Advocating for the Downtown Business District

The Winters Downtown Business Association is an official non profit entity. The Association was formed in order to have an official entity that would help support the work of the downtown managers group. In addition, this Business Association would also take on the role of organizing and advocating for the downtown. While Parking, trash and beautification were top priorities when this group initially started, we now have new priorities that we need to work on. It is the intent of the WDBA to work collectively with the downtown managers group, and build a united and sustainable business association for the future of the Winters Downtown. We would love to have you as a member! Please fill out the attached application to register as an official member of the WDBA!

Current WDBA Board 

Carla Wroten- President 

Guysell Geter- Vice President 

Chris Turkovich- Secretary 

Corinne Martinez- Treasurer 

Michelle McClain-Board Member

Jack Vickrey- Board Member 

Lynda Hinds-Board Member 

Joseph Ogando - Board Member

Lacy DeQuattro-Board Member

Please contact anyone on the board if you have questions or email me back. We appreciate your support!


Please contact anyone on the board if you have questions or email

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